BBW Xenia

My psychologists’ name is Xenia Jones; honest to God that really is her name. Why I had to see her is a side story. I’ll give you the short version: I was about to leave a restaurant one afternoon when this young guy, about my height and size bumped in to me. I automatically said.” Excuse me!” Then I stepped back to let him go past. For reasons unknown, he snarled belligerently. “That’s not good enough gramps I’m going to kick your ass just because you are a stupid old man who is in my way.” Of course, he tried…

Young Fatties – Natalie

At YoungFatties.Com I found a hot redhead chubby girl named Natalie. I wouldn’t call her a bbw though, cutie or sweetie would be more appropriate in my opinion. I love see her going from wearing her normal kind of clothes to fully naked. She’s isnt a new girl but I am sure she’s new to most of you as she’s quite unknown.