Juicy Jackie for SSBBW lovers

Juicy Jackie (aka Juicy Jacqulyn) is a blonde SSBBW model. She has been a guest model on BigCuties Bonanza. Jackie has appeared in sets and videos with BigCutie Jae and Luna Love on “Lotion Love”. Her homepage is www.juicyjackie.com where you found lot of content, included videos, and sex photos.

Hot times with a huge woman

I met a super sexy SSBBW girl on a dating site named Kelly and we started chatting. I love big girls and she had a beautiful voluptuous body with long red hair and I instantly had the hots for her. She had nice big tits, a big sexy belly with soft rolls that made my cock turn rock hard thinking about running my hands up and down her body while squeezing and licking those rolls. Her thighs were so thick and soft, which drove me crazy thinking about spreading her juicy thighs apart and wedging my hips in between them…