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BBW Masturbating

BBW Masturbating
Letting out a little moan, feeling the tingling she knew so well coming from between her legs. She rocks her hips slowly as her breathing starts to become a little quicker.

Hands start to move over her inner thighs which makes her gasp and arch her back towards the ceiling. She parts her lips as her breathing starts to become harder, excitement starts to run thru her body.

The fingers move slowly as they move higher along her leg, she lightly bites her lower lip as the coolness starts making her body becoming more excited. Then she gasps as the fingers travel between her lower lips.

Her tongue moistens her lips as her breathing gets more harder with each breath. She rocks her hips slowly against the fingers. She moans in anticipations of the soft touch of the fingers. She softly whispers, "Do it..." then gasps as the fingers move slowly over her clit. Escaping past her lips a little "ohhhh... yes thats it" then purrs again.

One hand parts the folds of her lower pussy lips as the other hands fingers travel slowly back and forth over her clit. They tease her entrance, making her rock her hips against them.

Moans of a couple start to fill the room. The hand parting her lips leaves her body, she pouts a little, giving pouty moans. Then letting out a little, "ohmmmm" as a large black 9in cock starts to replace the feeling of the other hand.

She opens her eyes and peaks at the large, thick black cock, and softly says, "Time to get that baby inside me....". The cock moves down to her heated wet entrance and teases its head just inside her.

This starts to make her wanting more. She bucks her hips against the teasing cock then a moment later the cock drives deep inside her. She lets out a little, "ohhhhh fuck yeahhhhh". The cock stays deep inside her as she wriggles around. Her pussy walls clamp down tightly around the invading thickness.

Slowly the cock starts to fuck her quickly. Slapping of flesh starts to fill the room as the moans become louder. Her moans became more excited as her pussy walls start to grip the cock more tightly, the fingers start to tease her clit more fiercly.

She started bucking her hips more wildly. The moans of pleasure started to get louder. She couldn't hold back any longer. Her pussy spasmed wildly around the long, fat cock. She cried out in pleasure as the other woman started to cum as well.

Her body shivered as the excitment passed thru every inch of her soul til she finally opened her eyes and drew the long tick dildo out from her pussy and brought it up to her lips and sucked her juices from the black flesh coloured plastic and watched the rest of the scene on the porno before pressing the stop button and tossing the dildo aside.

She looked up at the ceiling with a smile then pulled the blankets up over her naked body before closing her eyes and going into a pleasurable sleep.

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