Fattie Denise (sex story)

My girlfriend Denise had a mother and a sister. Her mother was slim and trim like my girlfriend was but her sister Jane was rather fat. Apparently she had taken after her father.

There was a year between the two girls with Jane being the older. They were really quite an open family. They talked about just about everything.

Denise would tell them about the sex that we had had the night before. Her mother would tell them about her last date. Jane would tell them about how she had worn out her vibrator batteries.

During sex Denise would tell me how frustrated her sister was. She had no sex life. Her weight turned off all of the guys. Jane had a boyfriend once in high school but all he wanted was sex and he didn’t want anyone else to know that he was fucking her. Someone found out that he was fucking a fat chick and he dropped her like a hot potato. It broke her heart. She hadn’t minded being use for sex; she didn’t like it when it stopped.

Then at my weakest point (just before I cum) she asked me to fuck her sister.

What to hell could I say? If I said no, I’m pretty sure I would have gone home with blue balls. So of course I said, yes. Then I pumped a gallon of cum into her. She praised the Load and thanked me for the best sex yet.

As she lay in my arms afterwards, Denise told me what she wanted me to do. First off I was to fuck her sister at least once a week. Second, I was to take Jane out to a restaurant or a movie at least once a month. Third Denise did not want me to tell her about sex with her sister. That was up to her sister to tell her about. In exchange, I could have all of the sex that I wanted with Denise, even anal. She would marry me, have my babies, and let me fool around with other women. All I had to do was keep Jane happy, before and after we were married. That was a deal that I could live with.

For the next two days Denise was more than cooperative. She didn’t like anal sex but she told me that she would get used to it. She told her mother and her sister about our agreement.

I thought that Jane might resent the fact that I had to be bribed into having sex with her. However, she was actually excited about it.

I got Jane alone in her bedroom and told her that I wanted a date with her on Saturday. We would start at noon and I would bring her home when I was good and ready. She liked that. Then I told her that she was not to shave her pussy, that she was not to wear a bra or panties, and she was to wear something sexy. In fact she was to wear her sexiest outfit. I wanted to see a lot of cleavage and most of her legs.

She just giggled and smiled at me, saying that she had the perfect outfit…if I didn’t mind being seen with a fat chick that looked like a slut.

I kissed her like I normally kissed her sister. I felt of her huge breasts and I felt how hot her pussy was. She had a pair of sweat pants on and I just cupped her pussy from the outside of her pants but she was hot and even moist down there. I told her that I couldn’t wait to see her naked and have sex with her. I saw the goose bumps on her arms as I returned to her sister.

At noon on Saturday I was waiting for Jane to come down the stairs. I heard her mother bitch her out upstairs but shortly Jane came down.

She was wearing a very short miniskirt that allowed me to see that she was not wearing any panties. In place of a blouse Jane had on a long white scarf. It went around the back of her neck and crossed over her huge breasts. It went around her back and was tied at her belly button. Obviously she was not wearing a bra either.

I said, “Perfect! I love it.”

I saw her mother standing at the top of the stairs fuming.

I held her arm to the car and opened the door for her to get in. Jane smiled at me and then she spread her legs wide for me. When she turned around and I had closed the door, she did not try to adjust her skirt.

As I drove to the restaurant I placed my hand on her fuzzy pussy. When she tried to feel my cock I stopped her. She obeyed without asking why. However, I told her that I wanted her to be the center of attention and to receive all of the pleasure.

At the restaurant I opened the car door and helped her out. Again she did not try to adjust her skirt. So I adjusted it for her and she thanked me. She knew that the bottom of her ass was exposed and most likely the bottom of her pussy too.

I escorted her in. We had reservations in the corner and were seated promptly. I placed her with her back against one wall and mine against the other wall. That way we could see the other people. The tablecloth covered her legs so no one could look up her skirt. They couldn’t see me fingering her pussy either.

Our waitress smiled politely but I had the feeling that she was wondering why a good-looking guy like me was out with a fat slut.

Halfway through our meal Jane excused herself to go to the lady’s room. When she returned she told me that our waitress had followed her in. Then she told me that our waitress had made a pass at her. She had placed her hand under Jane’s fat pussy and kissed her.

Jane said, “She wants me and she is willing to let you fuck her while she feasts on my big fat pussy.”

I replied, “Well Denise did say that she would let me fool around with other women.”

Jane asked, “So it is okay?”

Yes, it was definitely okay with me.

When the desert was served and the bill placed on the table, our waitress leaned in closer and asked, “Have you had a chance to talk to him?”

Jane said, “The answer is yes. When do you get off?”

Then the waitress handed me another piece of paper. Her name and phone number was on it, plus the time that she gets off work. When I turned the piece of paper over it was a photograph. Our waitress was naked, on her back, holding her pussy lips open.

Jane said, “I’m getting wetter.”

I replied, “Well at least we have a few hours by ourselves. Come on, I’m taking you to my bed.”

I let her walk in front of me so that I could watch her ass roll from side to side. Other guys watched her walk out too.

In the parking lot she bent down to pick up a penny. She did not adjust her short skirt, which was up around her waist in the back.

At my apartment she got naked and on my bed for me. Foreplay was no problem since I had been fingering her clit all the way home. She was so wet that her entire crotch area was glistening. I undressed and got right up to her wide-open pussy. When I pushed my cock into her the first thing that I noticed was her interior temperature. She was much hotter in there than her sister was. The second thing that I noticed was that I had not moved but I was fucking her. Her pussy was actually sucking me in and pushing me out. Her vaginal muscles were simply amazing. I just knelt there letting her do all of the work while I enjoyed looking at her huge breasts. Her arms were over her head holding onto the bars in my headboard. Her big swollen breasts had slid halfway off her chest but they were so big that there were two small mountains left behind built up between her big belly and three of her chins. They were capped with unusually large areolas that were quite dark in color. Her two nipples were hard and standing up. They very much resembled those old fashion baby bottle nipples. They were the size of a copper penny and almost an inch long.

I just stood there on my knees, crotch to crotch with the most amazing pussy I had ever felt. She brought me to the brink and backed off; doing that several times before she finally allowed me to cum in her extraordinary pussy.

I lay down on her belly and lowered my face to her left nipple. When I sucked it into my mouth she loved it.

I wanted to make love to her again but Jane told me to save it for our threesome with our waitress. She was right.

We went to pick up our waitress but she wanted to drive her own car. Debra wanted Jane to ride with her. Jane asked me and I gave her permission. Then I kept a close eye on my rear view mirror to make sure that she didn’t take off with Jane.

At my apartment complex we got on the elevator. The waitress went right to her knees and shoved her face in Jane’s pussy. Luckily no one wanted to get on and we arrived at our floor undisturbed. I unlocked the door but Jane had told Debra our waitress that they were required to strip in the hallway and enter my apartment fully naked. So I watched them undress. Once again we were lucky that no one at that moment wanted to come of go from their own apartments.

Their clothes were deposited just inside the front door. Jane took Debra right into the bedroom. She got in the same position as earlier and pulled Debra’s face tight to her crotch. Debra didn’t need any coaxing to do what she had come there to do. I watched her as she put her tongue into Jane’s pussy. Then she pulled on Jane’s pussy lips to try to cover her face. Then she tried to cram her whole head inside of Jane. It was like watching a reverse birth. Now as a man I certainly understood taking nine months to get out and a lifetime to get back in…but for a woman too. Now that was exciting.

Jane cried out in pleasure, over
and over
again. Finally, I got naked and climbed up on the bed behind Debra. Neither girl seemed to know that I was even there. I swear that Debra made no indication what so ever that I had stuck my cock in her pussy and was banging the shit out of her. I thought that woman would suffocate with her nose up Jane’s snatch. Eventually I came in her and rolled off to one side as Jane cried out with yet another orgasm before passing out from exhaustion.

Debra rolled into me and cuddled as she said, “Oh my God, Jane has the best pussy that I’ve ever had.”

I said, “I thought the same thing earlier when her pussy fucked me with neither one of us even moving.”

Debra asked, “So what’s the deal with you and Jane?”

I told her all about my girlfriend Denise, her request for me to have sex with her sister, and how wonderful I found Jane to be in bed and the way that she obeyed my desires.

I said, “Maybe I’m marrying the wrong sister.”

Just then Jane sat up and said, “No you’re not! My sister loves you and you love her. And I know all about the arrangement you too have. You can fuck me all that you want too, now and after I’m your sister-in-law. I’m pretty sure that you can fuck my girlfriend too. That is if Debra doesn’t mind.

Debra sat up, hugged Jane, and told her that she loved her, that she would love to be her girlfriend, and that I could fuck her any time that I wanted too.

That night I let the two girls use my apartment and I went over to Denise’s place to spend the night with her. Even though I shouldn’t have, I told her everything that had happened with her sister, with the waitress, and that they had found true love with one another.

Denise was so happy that Jane had made me happy and that she had found a girlfriend.

We were married and both Jane and her girlfriend Debra were co-bridesmaids.

The two girls whet on our honeymoon with Denise and me.